CSE Department Advisory Committee

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering of Sahrdaya College of Engineering and Technology is committed to providing its students quality education so as to mold them to be fit for choosing their career. To improve our program, curriculum, and delivery strategies, we’ve formulated a Department Advisory Committee. To be effective and relevant, we believe it is critical to grab the inputs and services of representatives from academia, industry, parents, alumni, and senior faculy members of the department.

The expectation from the representatives of this committee is to provide their knowledge and experience to guide the B.Tech program of the Department of CSE and prepare the curriculum for the students to bridge the academia-industry gap, to promote and advocate the importance of placements, higher studies and entrepreneurship.

The Department Advisory Committee convenes before the commencement of a semester.

Dr.R Satheesh KumarAssoc. Professor, CSED,SCETHoD, CSED
Dr. N KrishnarajAssoc. Professor ,CSED, SRM Institute of Science and Tech.Academia Representative
Dr.S.BalamuruganFounder & Chairman, Albert Einstein Engineering and Research LabsIndustry Representative
Ms. Maritta StephenM.Tech Scholar in NSS PalakkadAlumni
Mr. BalasubrahmannianEducational ConsultantPTA representative
Dr. R SundarAssoc. Professor, CSED,SCETSenior Professor
Ms. Jasmy DaviesAsst. Professor, CSED,SCETSenior Professor
Mr. Krishnadas JAsst. Professor, CSED,SCETSenior Professor
Ms. Deepa DevassyAsst. Professor, CSED,SCETSenior Professor
Ms. Divya RAsst. Professor, CSED,SCETSenior Professor
Ms. Sreetha E SAsst. Professor, CSED,SCETProgramme Coordinator
Ms. Priya K VAsst. Professor, CSED,SCETProgramme Coordinator
Mr. Scaria AlexAsst. Professor, CSED,SCETProgramme Coordinator