The Computer Science Library provides technical literature in computer science and related subjects to members of the Department of Computer Science. The library serves as a central organ of academic activity in the Department. The Department has a collection of more than 300 books, periodicals and reports. It also has one copy each of all B.Tech. projects, M.Tech. projects report carried out in the department in recent years. All these cater to the needs of students and faculty. Most of the books are of recent edition with the facility of issuing these for a specified time period. The library opens on all working days of the Institute from 8:45 AM to 4:00 PM.

18051 Microcontroller and Embedded Systems Using Assembly and C.Mazidi, Muhammad Ali17470 , 174762635
28051 Microcontroller: Architecture, Programing and Applications.Ayala, Kenneth J14190, 141972295
38051 Microcontrollers: An Applications Based Introduction.Calcutt, David80451295
48088 and 8086 Microprocessors: Programming, Interfacing, Software, Hardware and Application 4th Ed.Triebel, Walter A13900, 159902350
5Access 2000 for Dummies.Kaufeld, John1991199
6Advanced Compiler Design Implementation.Muchnick, Steven S17341, 173422550
7Advanced Computer Architecture.Parthasarathy, K A78061238
8Advanced Concepts in Operating Systems: Distributed Database and Multiprocessor Operating SystemsSinghal, Mukesh14442, 144472495
9Advanced Information Technology .Jaiswal, S5431320
10Advanced Microprocessors and Peripherals.Bhurchandi, K M17463, 174642585
11Applied CryptographyBruice Schneier10355 , 103712413
12Algorithms + Data Structures=programs.Wirth, Niklaus6067, 61642125
13Book on C: Programming in C.Kelley, A L1022, 41412275
14C 4 U.Thomas, P O310, 3132150
15C Through ObjectsConnely, John54841249
16C#: An Object Oriented Approach.Xavier, C8761320
17C++ Programming Bible.Stevens, Al2101299
18Compilers, Principles, Techniques and Tools.Aho, Alfred V10843, 138632425
19The Complete Reference C++Schildt, Herbert603,6022485
20Complete Reference Java 2 5th Ed.Schildt, Herbert17045, 170492585
21Complete Reference VC++6.Pappas, Chris H562, 5632395
22Comprehensive Approach to Microcontrollers: 8051 and MSP 430 Microcontroller Family Architecture …Godse, A P14707, 147102395
23Computer Algorithms: Introduction to Design and Analysis 3rd Ed.Baase, Sara77891325
24Computer Architecture and Parallel Processing.Hwang, Kai8439, 91892163
25Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach.Hennessy, John L73911395
26Computer Graphics C Version.Hearn, Donald D16723, 167242825
27Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice.Foley, James D10847 , 108582599
28Computer Networking: A Top Down Approach Featuring the Internet 3rd Ed.Kurose, James F13393, 139642575
29Computer Networks.Tanenbaum, Andrew S14335, 154522225
30Computer Networks: A Systems Approach .Peterson, Larry L13179, 173482487.5
31Computer Organisation and Design.Chaudhuri, Pal P6130, 61312350
32Computer Organization .Hamacher, V Carl6825, 68262362
33Computer Organization and Architecture: Designing Performance.Stallings, William2211250
34Computer Programming in CRajaraman, V265, 76982150
35Computer System Architecturte.Mano, Morris M8901, 89022195
36Computer Systems Organization and Architecture.Carpinelli, John D2581295
37Concepts of Programming Languages 4th Ed.Sebesta, Robert W49351325
38Creating a Winning e Business.Napier, A Albert981, 9822395
39Cryptography and Network Security: Principles and Practices.Stallings, William74361225
40Data and Computer Communications 8the Ed.Stallings, William17060, 170622699
41Data Communications and Networking 2nd Ed.Forouzan, Behrouz A8497, 120932387
42Data Communications Computer Networks and Open Systems.Halsall, Fred8141, 81482375
43Data Networks 2nd Ed.Bertsekas, Dimitri17349, 174442340
44Data Structures and Algorithms.Aho, Alfred V13836, 138492535
45Database System Concepts 6th Ed.Silberschatz, Abraham174431852.8
46Design of the Unix Operating System.Bach, Maurice J48061195
47Digital Computer Electronics.Malvino, Aibert Paul300, 18772265
48Embedded System Design: A Unified Hardware/ Software Introduction.Vahid, Frank8327, 148422389
49Embedded Systems DesignBailey, Oliver101441299
50Embedded Systems: Architecture, Programming and Design.Kamal, Raj8313, 89822275
51Embedded/real-Time Systems: Concepts, Design and Programming.Prasad, K V K K17033 , 170342549
52Exploring Word 2002.Bahl, Ragahav4591115
53First Course in Computers.Saxena, Sanjay8921200
54Fundamentals of Computers.Rajaraman, V2421125
55Fundamentals of Database Systems .Elmasri, Ramez8129, 149032175
56Fundamentals of Object, Oriented Design in UMLPage-Jones, Meilir29, 50542295
57Fundamentals of Software Engineering.Mall, Rajib46761125
58Fundamentals of Software Engineering.Ghezzi, Carlo11648, 116502195
59How to Do Everything With the Internet.Jones, Dennis6461325
60How to Pass Data Interpretation Tests.Bryon, Mike169241175
61Information Theory and Coding.Chitode, J S147511250
62Integrated Approach to Software Engineering 2nd Ed.Jalote, Pankaj50731275
63Intel Microprocessors 8086/8088, 80186/80188, 80286, 80386, 80486, Pentium and Pentium Processor …Brey, Barry B68421350
64Internet CryptographySmith, Richard E411250
65Internet for Dummies 7th Ed.Levine, John R941199
66Internet With Webpage/website Design Bible.Underdahl, Brian751399
67Internetworking With TCP/IP Vol, 1: Principles Protocols and Architectures Ed.4Comer, Douglas E30551350
68Introduction to Algorithms .Cormen, Thomas H11540, 116642425
69Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages and Computation.Hopcroft, John E9624, 96252475
70Introduction to Computers.Norton, Peter11228, 112302350
71Introduction to Formal Languages and Automata.Linz, Peter9273, 92762275
72Introduction to Languages and the Theory of Computation 3rd Ed.Martin, John C5445, 54462225
73Java Programming: A Practical Approach.Xavier, C14849, 148632510
74Linux: The Complete Reference 6th Ed.Petersen, Richard15610, 156112625
75LISP 3rd Ed.Winston, P H17357, 173582635
76Managing Software ProjectsTsui, Frank169461325
77Micro Controllers and Aplications.Kalpthi, Ramani164601415
78Micro Processors and Interfacing Programming and Hardware.Hall, Douglas V1887, 96202300
79Microcomputer Systems:The 8086/8088 Family Architecture, Programming and Design.Liu, Yu Cheng1765, 47682195
80Microcontroller Idea Book Circuits, Programs and Applications.Axelson, Jan42241150
81Microcontrollers: Architecture, Programming, Interfacing and System Design.Kamal, Raj17042, 170432499
82Microcontrollers: Theory and Applications.Deshmukh, Ajay V84241235
83Microprocessor and Its Applications.Godse, A P014651, 146562375
84Microprocessor, Architecture, Programming and Applications With the 8085.Gaonkar, Ramesh139921360
85Microprocessors, Interfacing and Applications.Singh, Renu62571200
86Modern Information Retrieval.Yates, Baeza-Ricardo11294, 112982410
87Modern Operating Systems.Tanenbaum, Andrew S17361, 173622450
88Multimedia: Computing, Communications and Applications.Steinmetz, Ralf8256, 82612395
89Object Oriented Analysis and Design With Applications 2nd Ed.Booch, Grady2461450
90Object Oriented Programming in C++ 3rd Ed.Lafore, Robert6969, 69702450
91Object Oriented Programming With C++.Balagurusamy, E1005, 31572165
92Office XP BibleWillett, Edward C104, 1072399
93Operating System Concepts.Silberschatz, Abraham10570, 173642492
94Operating System Principles 7th Ed.Silberschatz, Abraham75051413
95Operating Systems .Nutt, Gary17369, 173702699
96Oracle 8iCouchman,Jason S6081475
97PC Upgrade and Repair Black Book.Gilster, Ron202, 2042399
98Principles of Database Systems.Ullman, Jeffrey O173751320
99Problem Solving Using CRajaram, R757180
100Programming in Ansi C.Balagurusamy, E75741190
101Programming Languages: Concepts and Constructs .Sethi, Ravi7540, 76142365
102Programming Languages: Paradigm and Practice.Appleby, Doris674, 6752195
103Programming the World Wide WebSebesta, Robert W14323, 143262560
104Programming With C.Venugopal, K R1237, 12382180
105Programming With C++Ravichandran, D641199
106Programming With C.Gottfried, Byron13597, 135982245
107Programming With Java: A Primer 4th Ed.Balagurusamy, E14140, 141382680
108Projects Using C: With Concepts and AlgorithmsVaralakshmi, P V N17381, 173822460
109PROLOG: Programming for Artificial Intelligence.Bratko, Ivan174421799
110Randomized Algorithms.Motwani, Rajeev5762 , 57632395
111Real Time Systems Design and AnalysisLaplante, Phillip A9212, 92142275
112Sams Teach Yourself C in 21 Days.Aitken, Peter521225
113Software Architecture: Perspectives on an Emerging Discipline.Shaw, Mary5945, 66132195
114Software Engineering.Sommerville, Ian6087, 60892375
115Software Project Management 2nd Ed.Hughes, Bob8021285
116Software Project Management: A Concise Study.Kelkar, S A573, 5742125
117Systems Programming and Operating Systems 2nd Ed.Dhamdhere, D M7231240
118TCP/IP Protocol Suite.Forouzan, Behrouz A17067, 170682585
119Test Your C Skills.Kanetkar, Yashavant P87891210
120Testing Computer Software 2nd Ed.Kaner, Cem41295
121Theory & Problems of Programming With C++ 2nd Ed.Hubbard, John R826, 8272175
122Unified Software Development Process.Jacobson, Ivar5777, 57782125
123Upgrading and Repairing PCS.Mueller, Scott37691650
124Upgrading Your PC in Easy StepsAustin, Brian330, 331279
125Visual Basic 6 Database Programming Bible.Freeze, Wayne1371399
126Visual Basic 6: The Complete Reference.Jerke, Noel9221395
127Visual Basic. NET Programming.Holzner, Steven89561450
128Visual C++6 Programming Bible.Leinecker, Richard C671499
129Web Commerce Technology HandbookMinoli, Daniel8191, 83542295
130XML: The Complete Reference.Williamson, Heather156151795
131Big Data AnalyticsOhlhorst, J Frank.255771695.00
132Bioinformatics Methods and ApplicationsRastogi, S C.100571475.00
133Classic Data StructuresSamanta, Debasis287011495.00
134Computer GraphicsDonald Hearn210861875.00
135Cryptography and Network Security.Forouzan, Behrouz A.302901695.00
136Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques..Han, Jiawei.192711565.00
137Design Analysis of AlgorithmsSridhar231371625.00
138Digital Image ProcessingRafael.C Gonzalez131431875.00
139Distributed Systems, Concepts and Design 3rd Ed.George Coulouris96081395.00
140Engineering Design A Project Based Introduction
Dym, Clive237811529.00
141Exploring EngineeringKosky, Philip.238371649.00
142Fundamental Concepts of BioinformaticsDan E Krane156671575.00
143Object Oriented Systems Development: Using the Unified Modeling LanguageBahrami, Ali.251641625.00
144Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis.Earl Gose303921619.00
145Principles of ManagementP C Tripathi102471499.00
146Principles of Soft Computing 2nd editionS N Sivanandam119141699.00
147Programming With Java: A PrimerBalagurusamy, E.124771450.00
148Data Structures Using CReema Thareja305221560.00
149Programming Language PragmaticsScott, Michael L.305371625.00
150System SoftwareBeck, Leland L.173911599.00
151Computer Fundamentals and Programming in CReema Thareja305181525.00
152Advanced Computer Architecture: Parallelism Scalability ProgrammabilityHwang, Kai321061840.00
153Introduction to the Design and Analysis of AlgorithmsLevitin, Anany321071650.00
154Elements of Discrete Mathematics: A Computer Oriented ApproachLiu, C L321081550.00
155Microprocessors and MicrocontrollersKani, A Nagoor321091545.00
156Computer NetworksTanenbaum, Andrew S321101250.00
157Artificial IntelligenceNilsson Nils J78981395.00
158Artificial IntelligenceLuger, George F192701799.00
159Artificial IntelligenceRussell, Stuart310351879.00
160Big Data And AnalyticsAcharya, Seema310781589.00
161Big DataSchmarzo, Bill197121599.00
162Big DataDt Editorial302881899.00
163CompilersAho, Alfred V138591425.00
164Computer AlgorithmsBaase, Sara19511, 211152699.00
165Cryptography And Network SecurityStallings William74241225.00
166Data AlgorithmsParsian, Mahmoud3254111550.00
167Data Communications And NetworkingForouzan, Behrouz A14178, 315672425.00
168Data Mining- Concepts, Models, Methods, And AlgorithmsKantardzic, Mehmed308491629.00
169Database System ConceptsSilberschatz, Abraham295631860.00
170Database Systems Concepts, Designs And Application 2nd EdSingh, Shio Kumar128631450.00
171Deep LearningJosh Patterson3114911475.00
172Design And Analysis Of AlgorithmsSridhar, S231351625.00
173Digital Image ProcessingGonzalez, Rafael C131411599.00
174Distributed SystemsTanenbaum, Andrew S295701629.00
175Effective Methods For Software TestingPerry, William E95221499.00
176Fundamentals Of Data Structures In CHorowitz Sahni217841395.00
177Fundamentals Of Database SystemsElmasri Ramez139731575.00
178Fundamentals Of PythonLambert, Kenneth A22952, 23211, 232173399.00
179Fundamentals Of Software EngineeringMall, Rajib221181325.00
180Fuzzy Logic With Engineering ApplicationsRoss, Timothy j278011779.00
181Information Security And Cyber LawsMishra Amit Kumar341861395.00
182Information Security And Cyber LawsSharma Pankaj341931265.00
183Information Storage And ReterivalKorfhage, Robert R301041559.00
184Information Theory And CodingGoyal Varun341811265.00
185Introduction To AlgorithmsCormen Thomas H116631425.00
186Introduction To Computation And Programming Using PythonGuttag John V252371395.00
187Introduction To Machine LearningAlpaydin Ethem246681625.00
188Java: The Complete ReferenceSchildt , Herbert25156, 273982795.00
189Mastering CVenugopal, K R252521650.00
190Microprocessor And Its ApplicationsGodse, A P146591375.00
191Microsoft Office 2000 For Windows For DummiesWang, Wallace2941199.00
192Mobile ComputingTalukder, Asoke K309261675.00
193Object Oriented Programming With C++Balagurusamy E26119, 301232385.00
194Office Xp For DummiesWang, Wallace2671199.00
195Pattern ClassificationDuda, Richard O278191789.00
196Problem Solving And Programming ConceptsSprankle, Maureen215671699.00
197Programing In Ansi CBalagurusamy, E135591310.00
198Programming BitcoinSong, Jimmy3245911150.00
199Programming In CKamthane, Ashok N271821419.00
200Programming In CGisha, G S324681250.00
201Programming In PrologClocksin, W F12127, 121282165.00
202Programming Language ConceptsGhezzi, Carlo304701559.00
203Programming With CGottfried S Byron321251615.00
204Programming With C++Hubbard John R309021725.00
205PythonGift, Noah311771850.00
206Research MethodologyKothari, C R320311399.00
207Software ArchitectureTaylor, Richard N196911639.00
208Software EngineeringAggarwal, K K309341399.00
209Software Engineering:Pressman, Roger S335451899.00
210Software TestingChauhan, Naresh297591610.00
211System SoftwareBeck, Leland L173961599.00
212Theory Of Automata And ComputationPandey Adesh Kumar341331295.00
213Cloud ComputingSingh Shailendra Singh310661525.00
214Cloud ComputingBhowmik Sandeep310571495.00
215Microprocessors & MicrocontrollersMandal Soumitra Kumar328571690.00
216Operating systemsStallings William321591869.00
217Digital DesignMorris Mano M328681699.00
218Computer FundamentalsAnita Goel220531475.00
219Computer OrganizationCarl Hamacher251311595.00
220Machine LearningPrerna Sharma Mann341481140.00
221Cryptography And Network SecurityAtul Kahate251011585.00