AGAPPE – Innovation Hub

Agappe Diagnostics Limited is a fast-growing in vitro diagnostics company working with over 300 distributors, and a significant OEM business in domestic and international markets, and has a world-class manufacturing facility near Cochin, Kerala which take us to the next step of evolution. The Department of Biomedical Engineering collaborates with the Agappe Diagnostics Limited to carry out programmes for prototyping Medical – Engineering Interaction. The collaboration is to provide training to the students on Agappe products and services and also to enhance their soft skill sets and to establish a mutually beneficial relationship built on academic, scientific and technological cooperation which include organizing workshops, conferences, collaborative research, hackathons, Entrepreneurship opportunities, project guidance, internship, training programs, industrial visits, industry- institution interface and Placements.

List of Equipments 
1    Semi-automated specific protien analyser
2    Hematology analyser
3    Semi-automated biochemistry analyser
4    Automated Cartridge based specific protien analyser.


List of Participants