Internal Exams Cell

The College Academic Calendar indicates the tentative examination schedule for internal examination. Exact schedules are fixed by the IQAC according to the university academic calendar and are conveyed to the staff and students through circulars.

For each subject, the respective faculty member prepares a question paper on the basis of the curriculum. Questions are formed such that they adhere to KTU standards and follow Bloom’s Taxonomy. The Question Paper Scrutiny Committee is formed comprising of the Head of the Department and senior faculties as scrutinizers to check for the quality of the question paper

The next process involves sending the soft copies of the scrutinized question papers to the examination cell three days prior to the commencement of the examination. The examination cell arranges for sufficient number of question paper copies before the examination. A schedule for invigilation duty is prepared by the Exam Cell. The assigned faculty should perform the invigilation duty as per the norms and schedule. After exams, papers are collected by the invigilators and handed over to the Exam Cell along with attendance report. Exam Cell hands over the answer sheets to the corresponding department through Examination Co-ordinators within one day.

Hall arrangements and seating arrangements are prepared by the Exam Cell. The retest, if required will be conducted by the department. In the beginning of each semester examination cell prepare the stationary requirements like papers, gadgets, tonners etc. and forward this to the administration wing. All the items are provided after the approvals from higher authorities.

Internal Exam Cell Time Table 2023-23