Research & Development Center


Sl. No.Name of the facultyDepartmentYear of approval
1Dr. Jeethu RaveendranBiomedical Engineering2021
2Dr.Finto RaphelBiomedical Engineering2021
3Dr. Amitha JoyBiotechnology2021
4Dr.Midhila PadmanBiotechnology2021
5Dr. Arun ThomasElectronics & Communication Engineering2021
6Dr.Yuvraj VBiomedical Engineering2020
7Dr.Ambili MechoorBiotechnology2020
8Dr.Dhanya GangadharanBiotechnology2020
9Dr.Uma KrishnakumarBiotechnology2020
10Dr. Sudha George ValaviApplied Science & Humanities2019
11Dr. R SunderComputer Science & Engineering2018
12Dr. V. VijikalaElectrical & Electronics Engineering2018
13Dr Nixon KuruvillaApplied Science & Humanities2018
14Dr. R SatheeshkumarComputer Science & Engineering2017
15Dr G R Gnana KingElectronics & Communication Engineering2017
16Dr.Leon IttiachenBiotechnology2016


Sl No.NameDepartmentDate & Year of registrationPart time/full timeTopicGuideFellowship (if any)
1Sumi Maria BabuBiotechnology Engineering19/11/2018Full TimePreparation of biosynthesized silver nanoparticles incorporated food packaging materialDr. Leon Ittiachen
2Sangeetha GopalBiotechnology Engineering24/5/2018Full TimeEvaluation and characterization of ethnobotanicals as a substitute biopreservative in traditional Ayurvedic KashayaDr. Leon Ittiachen
3Pooja Das ManjulabhaiBiotechnology Engineering24/07/2020Full TimeNanosensors for Therapeutic Drug Moniting of Anti-cancer drugsDr. DHANYA GANGADHARANCERD
4Marria C CyriacBiotechnology Engineering26/6/2019Part time/full timeAntibacterial Efficacy of a Polyherbal Formulation on Multidrug resistsnt Clinical IsolatesDr. LEON ITTIACHEN
5NIVYA R. M.Biotechnology Engineering27-11-2021Full TimeMultiOMICS platform in delineating genomic, epigenomic and metabolic signatures in severe post COVID complicationsDr. AMITHA JOYCERD
6AMRUTHA KRISHNAN KBiotechnology Engineering27-11-2021Full TimeIdentification of novel small molecules against colorectal cancer by in-silico methodsDr. Sudha George ValaviCERD
7Ms.Jinu SebastianElectronics &Communication Engineering23-11-2017Part-TimeHybrid Image fusion from multiple image modalitiesDr. G.R. Gnana King
8Ms.Chaithanyadas K.V.Electronics &Communication Engineering19/11/2018Full-timeBiomedical Image ProcessingDr. G.R. Gnana King
9Ms. Keerthana I PComputer Science and EngineeringFull-timeEye Disease Detection and Classification Using Soft Computing TechniquesDr. R. Satheesh KumarUGC-JRF
10Ms. Anly AntonyComputer Science and Engineering22/07/2020Part-TimeFood Quality Classification using Machine Learning TechniquesDr. R. Satheesh Kumar
11Mr. Vishnu S BabuComputer Science and Engineering26/06/2018Part-TimePlant Disease Classification using Soft Computing TechniquesDr. R. Satheesh Kumar
12Ms. Meera MohanComputer Science and Engineering26/09/2019Part-TimeDr. R. Satheesh Kumar
13ShamyaElectrical and Electronics Engineering27/11/2021Part- TimeDr. Vijikala
14Alan Mathew GeorgeElectrical and Electronics Engineering27/11/2021Part - TimeRenewable Energy SourcesDr. Vijikala

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