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Our college has been selected for VALUE (Virtual Amrita Laboratories Universalizing Education) Virtual Lab under MHRD nodal centre program. The coordinators are Dr Dhanya Gangadharan (BTE) and Dr Yuvaraj (BME)


Sl. No.Name of the facultyDepartmentYear of approval
1Dr. Jeethu RaveendranBiomedical Engineering2021
2Dr.Finto RaphelBiomedical Engineering2021
3Dr. Amitha JoyBiotechnology2021
4Dr.Midhila PadmanBiotechnology2021
5Dr. Arun ThomasElectronics & Communication Engineering2021
6Dr.Yuvraj VBiomedical Engineering2020
7Dr.Ambili MechoorBiotechnology2020
8Dr.Dhanya GangadharanBiotechnology2020
9Dr.Uma KrishnakumarBiotechnology2020
10Dr. Sudha George ValaviApplied Science & Humanities2019
11Dr. R SunderComputer Science & Engineering2018
12Dr. V. VijikalaElectrical & Electronics Engineering2018
13Dr Nixon KuruvillaApplied Science & Humanities2018
14Dr. R SatheeshkumarComputer Science & Engineering2017
15Dr G R Gnana KingElectronics & Communication Engineering2017
16Dr.Leon IttiachenBiotechnology2016


Sl No.NameDepartmentDate & Year of registrationPart time/full timeTopicGuideFellowship (if any)
1Sumi Maria BabuBiotechnology Engineering19/11/2018Full TimePreparation of biosynthesized silver nanoparticles incorporated food packaging materialDr. Leon Ittiachen
2Sangeetha GopalBiotechnology Engineering24/5/2018Full TimeEvaluation and characterization of ethnobotanicals as a substitute biopreservative in traditional Ayurvedic KashayaDr. Leon Ittiachen
3Pooja Das ManjulabhaiBiotechnology Engineering24/07/2020Full TimeNanosensors for Therapeutic Drug Moniting of Anti-cancer drugsDr. DHANYA GANGADHARANCERD
4Marria C CyriacBiotechnology Engineering26/6/2019Part time/full timeAntibacterial Efficacy of a Polyherbal Formulation on Multidrug resistsnt Clinical IsolatesDr. LEON ITTIACHEN
5NIVYA R. M.Biotechnology Engineering27-11-2021Full TimeMultiOMICS platform in delineating genomic, epigenomic and metabolic signatures in severe post COVID complicationsDr. AMITHA JOYCERD
6AMRUTHA KRISHNAN KBiotechnology Engineering27-11-2021Full TimeIdentification of novel small molecules against colorectal cancer by in-silico methodsDr. Sudha George ValaviCERD
7Ms.Jinu SebastianElectronics &Communication Engineering23-11-2017Part-TimeHybrid Image fusion from multiple image modalitiesDr. G.R. Gnana King
8Ms.Chaithanyadas K.V.Electronics &Communication Engineering19/11/2018Full-timeBiomedical Image ProcessingDr. G.R. Gnana King
9Ms. Keerthana I PComputer Science and EngineeringFull-timeEye Disease Detection and Classification Using Soft Computing TechniquesDr. R. Satheesh KumarUGC-JRF
10Ms. Anly AntonyComputer Science and Engineering22/07/2020Part-TimeFood Quality Classification using Machine Learning TechniquesDr. R. Satheesh Kumar
11Mr. Vishnu S BabuComputer Science and Engineering26/06/2018Part-TimePlant Disease Classification using Soft Computing TechniquesDr. R. Satheesh Kumar
12Ms. Meera MohanComputer Science and Engineering26/09/2019Part-TimeDr. R. Satheesh Kumar
13ShamyaElectrical and Electronics Engineering27/11/2021Part- TimeDr. Vijikala
14Alan Mathew GeorgeElectrical and Electronics Engineering27/11/2021Part – TimeRenewable Energy SourcesDr. Vijikala

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