The SAHRDAYA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY,  has, over the past two decades, been constantly endeavouring to train highly scientific and technical man- power and provide solutions 

to a variety of challenging technological problems that may arise in different fields , through its well qualified faculty and highly skilled supporting staff, with the goal of becoming one of the leading centres of teaching, research and extension in Engineering and Technology and totally committed to excel in every sphere of its activity

The IPR cell of the Institute aims to:

I.      Facilitate protection and valorization of intellectual properties generated by its faculty, staff and students as a results or their intellectual and scientific pursuits at the Institute during the tenure of their employment/engagement at the Institute

II.    Usher in prudent IP management practices within the Institute so as to promote IPR awareness and culture among its faculty, staff and students;

Patent Search data base

          a) https://www.lens.org/

          b) Indian Patent search

           c) Us patent search

Provide a comprehensive single window reference system for all IPR related issues 

Dr.Silpa PA

patent agent IN/PA 457

mail id:    ipr@sahrdaya.ac.in