BME Funded Projects

List of Funded Projects

2020Mr. Jibin JoseBionic Arm5,70000/-KSCSTE
2018Mr. Jibin JoseSmart Surgical Assist85,000/-Kerala Start up Mission
2018Mr. Jibin JoseWater Treadmill for The Rehabilitation of Patients with Neuromuscular Disorder and Organ Transplanted50,000/-Kerala Start up Mission
2018Mr. Jibin JoseHastha Prosthetic Arm7,00,000/-Kerala Start up Mission
2018Dr. Yuvaraj VAutomatic Reprocessing of Dialyzer Filter54,000/-Kerala Start up Mission
2018Mr. Jis Paul Assistive bed for sanitation of paralyzed patients2,00,000/Kerala Startup Mission
2017Ms. Reshma JoseDynamic Spine Analysis (DSA)20,000/-KSCSTE
2017Mr. Kiran Philip IsaacRobotic Mobilization Aid2,00,000/-Kerala Startup Mission
2017Dr. YuvarajThrombosed vein detector app5,00,000/-KSCSTE
2017Ms. SonyRelive: banned menstrual pain reliever6.000/-KSCSTE
2017Ms. Reshma JoseAutomated Bed for treating bedsores in immobile and geriatric patients50,000/-ICT Academy
2017Mr. Jibin JoseBionic Arm5,70,000/-KSCSTE
2016Ms. Bessy TitusSmart aid for autistic care15,000/-KSCSTE
2016Ms. Jisha JijoEpilepsy Prediction and seizure suppression system8,000/-KSCSTE
2016Ms. Jinu/ Mr. JibinGandhiyan Young project award15,00,000/-BIRAC
2015Ms. Smitha N PaiSmart accident detection and Caretaking system15,000/-KSCSTE
2014Ms. Sony N SText to Braille convertor15,000/-KSCSTE
2014Mr. Ashish SundarActuated Mnemonic hand prosthesis15,000/-KSCSTE
2014Mr. Jis PaulIntelligent walking stick for blind15,000/-KSCSTE
2014Ms. Reshma AnoopRobotic Intelligent toy15,000/-KSCSTE
2014Ms. Remya GeorgeIntelligent security system for women15,000/-KSCSTE
2013Dr. YuvarajVision augmented communication interface for paralyzed people10,000/-KSCSTE
2013Ms. Sony N SMyoelectric augmented therapy for hand spasticity10,000/-KSCSTE
2013Mr. Jis PaulErgonomic self-reconfigurable seater10,000/-KSCSTE