BME Department Library

“Information is an essential input to national development”

The department has a functional library with adequate text books, journals, magazines and project reports.

Biomedical Department Library Rules

  1. Library will remain open on all working days from 9 am to 4 pm.
  2. Department Library books are available for references only.
  3. Personal belongings are restricted to the library.
  4. Leave your footwear in the racks provided.
  5. Students are liable for punishment and fine for mishandling the library books.
  6. The student shall either replace the damaged/lost book or will pay the cost of replacement plus Rs. 50 for their irresponsibility.
  7. Students hesitating to pay the dept library dues, the privilege of borrowing books will be suspended till they deposit the requisite amount.
  8. Help the department library to maintain its functions properly.

List of Books