Class/Course Advisory Committee

The committee is constituted to monitor the conduct of the course, adherence to the course plan, time schedule, completion of the syllabus, standards of internal tests and evaluation process. This committee will also address the difficulties faced by students and will take suitable remedial actions, if required. The list of members for various semester is as follow:

Class & Branch: S4 BME

Batch: 2020 – 2024

Sl No.Name of the memberDesignation 
1Dr. Remya GeorgeChairman
2Ms. Jemcy AntonyMember
3Ms. Supriya Mary SunilMember (Advisor & Class Teacher)
4Ms. Arathy MMember
5Dr. Finto RaphelMember
6Ms Sony N SMember
7Mr. Anson T MathewClass Representative
8Ms. Anne StaicyJoint Class Representative

Class & Branch: S6 BME

Batch: 2019 – 2023

Sl No.Name of the memberDesignation 
1Dr. Finto Raphel HOD (Chairman)​
2Ms. Reshma JoseMember (Advisor & Class teacher)
3Dr. Remya GeorgeMember (Advisor)
4Ms. Jeethu RaveendranMember (Class Teacher)
5Mr. VoyteinClass Representative
6Ms. AswathyJoint Class Representative

Class & Branch: S8 BME

Batch: 2018 – 2022

Sl No.Name of the memberDesignation
1Dr. Finto RaphelHOD (Chairman)
2Ms. Sony N SMember (Advisor &Class Teacher)
3Mr. Jis PaulMember (Advisor)
4Ms. Arathy MMember (Advisor)
5Ms. Lavina JosephMember
6Mr. Jibin JoseMember
7Mr. Alex AbrahamClass Representative
8Ms. Minsha M. ZJoint Class Representative