BME Department Advisory Committee

We have constituted a Department Advisory Committee for planning the upcoming semester and evaluating the department activities in the previous semester. The main objective is to identify the curricular gaps and planning of add-on courses & other activities to fill the curricular gaps. The Committee comprises of an Alumni, Academician, Industrial Expert, Entrepreneur, PTWA member, HOD, Program Coordinator and Senior Faculty Members

Frequency of Conduction: Yearly Twice

The List of members are:

1Dr. Finto RaphelHOD-BME, SCET
2Mr. Sujith S Managing Director, IBIS medical systems- Industrial expert
3Mr. Varghese N OusephAVP (R&D), AGAPPE DIAGNOSTICS LTD-Industrial Expert
4Dr. VenugopalProfessor, Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering, N. S. S. College of Engineering Palakkad-Academic Expert
5Dr. Mahesh R PanickerAssistant Professor, Electrical Engineering, IIT Palakkad-Academic Expert
6Mr. Sreenath GAlumni representative, Territory Manager, Cardiac Rhythm & Heart Failure-CVG
7Ms. Soumya MAlumni Representative, Technical consultant-ISEA, C-DAC Hyderabad
8Ms. Raji ManyPTWA Member
9Mr. Daison K LPTWA Member
10Dr. Yuvaraj VelusamyAssociate Professor, BME, SCET
11Dr. Remya GeorgeAssistant Professor, BME, SCET
12Mr. Jibin JoseAssistant Professor, BME, SCET
13Ms. Reshma JoseProgram Coordinator, BME