Student Achievements


Ms. Divya Dileep, a student of S5 B.Tech Biotechnology at Sahrdaya College of Engineering and Technology, has clinched the remarkable 6th position in the illustrious event of Dreamvestor 2023 with her innovation, the delectable “Rustic Nutrient Moringa Leaves Cookies”.

A project team consisting of three student innovators Ms. Haasina Rukhiya P H, Ms. Janet T Tony and Ms. Jennipher George became the District level winners in the Kerala Development and Innovation strategic Council (K-DISC) Young Innovators Programme. The Project titled “GO GREY PROJECT” received a cash prize of Rs. 25000. The project is based on water conservation technique of recycling waste water from kitchen and washing machine.

A final year project titled “Onion polyphenol based active food packaging” won the third prize in SCI fest organized by Sahrdaya College of Engineering and Technology. The group members are Aleen Mathson, Mariya Raj, Aparna KS and Rahila Raji of 2019-23 batch of B.Tech in Biotechnology.