BT Project Awards

SCI-Fest 2023

Project Title: Onion polyphenol based active food packaging

Project Guide: Ms. Ranimol G

Student members: Aleen Mathson, Mariya Raj, Aparna KS and Rahila Raji (S8 BT students)

Award: Third Prize in SCI-Fest Project exhibition

Prize: Rs.5,000/-

SRISHTI PROJECT COMPETITION 2023, Saintgits College of Engineering

Project Title: A Device to find adulteration in Coconut oil

Project Guide: Mrs. Marria C Cyriac (BT) and Dr. Silpa P A (ECE)

Student members: Athulya Babu (S4 BT), Amrutha V Sunil (S4 BT), John Francis (S4 ECE), Joselit S Thayil (S4 ECE), Charles Varghese (S4 ECE)

Award : Second Prize in Srishti Project Competition

SCI-Fest 2022

Title: BIOFEN- A Biofilter

Project Guide: Dr. Uma Krishnakumar

Student members: Angel Davis, Antony Sebastian, Merry Ann, Milna George

Award: First prize in project exhibition

Prize: Rs.10,000/-

Idea Fest 2021

Title: AESIRA- Lectin Based Biosensor for Colorectal Cancer Detection

Project Guide: Dr. Praveena P

Student members: Alby Dixon, Anagha, Irene Susan and Juna Varghese

Award: KSUM Idea Grant

Prize: Rs.40,000/-


Project Title: KeyThin - Design and development of Biodegradable packing material

Project Guide: Ms. Salini P J

Student members: Alisha Babu, Megha Vincent, Anugraha V I, Saincy Maria

Award: Best Project Award in Chemical Engineering Category (Srishti), Micro Project Competition, Project Expo.

Prize: First Prize-Rs.12000/- (Srishti), First Prize-Rs.5000/- (Shastra), Second Prize-Rs.13000/- (Dyuthi), Third prize (Dhiksha)

AICTE Vishwakarma Award 2019

Project Title: BIOFIL - A natural water purifier

Project Guide: Dr. Leon Ittiachen

Student members: Sherin Shams, Jain Rose C J, Thamanna K, Libna Lawrance

Achievement: Shortlisted for National AICTE Vishwakarma Award.

Yuva Master Mind

Project Title: Design and development of Biodegradable Band-Aid

Project Guide: Dr. Midhila Padman

Student members: Maya S, Marzaan M, Musthtaqu T M, Mijil Martin

Award: Yuva master mind grant

Prize: ₹10,000

Dr. Pradeep P Thevannoor Innovation Awards

Project Title: Chitowrapper

Project Guide: Ms. Smeera Thomas

Student members: Aleena Sebastian,  Anumol, Anitta Sunny, Merin Raju

Award: Innovation award

Prize: Rs.1,00,000/-

Manorama Yuva Master Mind & Srishti 2018

Project Title: Bio-Na-chi for burn wound healing

Project Guide: Dr. Amitha Joy

Student members: Aryasree N M, Chinju Paul, Sony Vincent, Kavya N.M, Neethu K.S

Award: Yuva master mind grant, Srishti 2018

Prize: Rs.10,000/-

Srishti 2018

Project Title: Marijuana Detector

Project Guide: Dr. Dhanya Gangadharan, Ms. Ambily Francis (EC)

Student members: K Achyuthanand, Gopika Menon, Parvathy M, Aysha Rega, Manu Joseph

Award: Srishti 2018

Prize: II prize

RISC 2018

Siby Issac, K Achyuthanand, Niranjan Sooraj, Abhilash M K, Mame Bajo won the third prize in the event RISC 2018, conducted by NIRDPR in Hyderabad on 31st August, 2018.

Product Award- SRM University

Students of S5 BT, Najeeb Bin Haneef O, Britto Lorence, Bristo Lorence, Aakash P, Amal Jose Thomas, won the best innovative product award for their product ‘B-lite’ at SRM University Chennai on 26th September, 2018.

Startup India Kerala Yatra

Varsha J and Sujitha Unnikrishnan, students of S5 BT, participated in the ‘Startup India Kerala Yatra’ organized by KSUM, at Technopark Trivandrum on 27th Nov, 2018. They won the award- ‘Hero of the bootcamp- Thrissur’ for their project ‘Sweat Ion Sensor’.

Able-Best India 2018

Project Title: BIOME Photobioreactor

Project Guide: Dr. Dhanya Gangadharan

Student members: Aswin Sasi, Hilal Aboobacker, Neha Nagarkoti, Anna Jelson and Haritha R

TechTop 2017

Project Title: Chitowrapper

Project Guide: Ms. Smeera Thomas

Student members: Aleena Sebastian, Swathy & Jeena Elizabeth  

Award: ‘Women in technology’

Prize: Rs.20,000/-

TechTop 2017

Project Title: Biosensor for detection and degradation of pesticides

Project Guide: Dr. Leon Ittiachen

Student members: Shery George, Krishna keerthi, Archana Menon, Gismaria Jose, Ashwin & Gain Varghese 

Award: Environmental  Compatability Award

Prize: Rs.20,000/-

Yuva Master Mind 2016

Project Title: Design and Development of Herbal Mosquito Repellent

Project Guide: Ms. Megha P.M

Student members: Anitta Sunny, Aleena Sebastian, Haslina V P, MerinRaju, Ann Mariya

Award: Yuva master mind grant

Prize: ₹10,000

TechTop 2016 National Level competition

Project Title: BiFiCo – An Effective solution to poultry odor

Project Guide: Dr. Ambili Mechoor

Student members: Abey Joseph, Nimmy Paul, Monisha P, Roshin James, Soumya Thomas

Award: Project grant by IEI

Prize: ₹50,000

TechTop 2016 National Level competition

Project Title: Biochemical Reactor for Treatment of Paint Manufacturing Industrial Wastewater

Project Guide: Dr. Amitha Joy

Student members: Raveena Ramesh, Radhika Varrier, Riya Siddhique, Priya Paulose

Achievement: Shortlisted for final round.