Department Labs

The laboratory is well equipped to perform experiments on in vitro cultivation, quantification, preservation and characterization of microbes. The laboratory is also equipped with facilities for microbial analysis of food, water and soil. The microbiological experiments are performed in the laminar airflow chamber to maintain the biosafety. The lab also has facilities for sterilization and decontamination purpose. The laboratory also undertakes water and waste water testing as consultancy service which is approved by the Kerala State Pollution Control Board (PCB/CL/RL/46/2014)

Lab Incharge: Dr Dhanya Gangadharan

The laboratory is well equipped for creating hands on experience on fundamental techniques of molecular biology and genetic engineering. The laboratory is also equipped to perform experiments in Biochemistry.  The laboratory also has facilities for qualitative and quantitative analysis of biomolecules.

Lab Incharge: Dr. Praveena P

The department of biotechnology engineering offers students a unique learning experience with its Chemical engineering lab. The laboratory consists of a single room with 200 Sq.m area. An additional store room facility is also there to keep the consumables and glasswares which is attached to the lab. The laboratory is equipped with facilities to give students hands on experience on reaction engineering and process control and  unit-operations experiments focused on mass and heat transfer and fluid flow measurements among other chemical processes.

Lab Incharge: Dr. Uma Krishnakumar

The lab is equipped with instruments to give a technical knowhow to students on microbial fermentation technology and downstream processing of biomolecules to strengthen the knowledge of the design and operation of a bioreactor and basic techniques of microbial cell disruption, enzyme studies and protein purification.

Lab Incharge: Ms Ranimol G