BTE Patents

Topic: Marijuana Detector

Members: Dr.Dhanya Gangadharan (Asso. Prof, BTE)

                     Ms.Ambily Francis( Asst Prof, ECE)


                     Ms.Gopika Menon

                     Ms.Parvathy M

                     Ms. Aysha Rega

                     Mr.Manu Joseph

Category: Indian 

Description: The present invention uses a solid substrate (chromatographic paper) and the coloring reagent is an azo dye micronized to finer particles. A stabilizer which is a carbohydrate is mixed with the coloring agent in the ratio 5:1. The quantification part is a sophisticated electronic circuitry. The detection is based on the light refraction-absorption-reflection ratio. The device works in accordance with digital image processing technique. A IMX219 sensor with 2p lens is used as sensor to analyze the specimen (Marijuana with saliva). The result is displayed at a 2.4inch OLED display. The whole device is powered by an appropriate battery.


1.Melanin based Biopanels

Members: Ms. Marria C Cyriac (Asst Prof, BTE)

                       Dr.JeethuRaveenadran(Asst Prof, BME)

                       Dr.SudhinThampi(Asso Prof, BME)

                       Ms.Sili V S

                      Ms.Aswathy B S

                      Ms.Ayana A Viswanathan

                      Ms.Archana C A

                      Ms.Christeena Davi

                      Mr.Nibin Jobi

Category: Indian 

Description: Melanin-based bio panel (MBP) technology is believed to offer an effective way to solve the inefficiency of the silicon-based solar panels. Melanin is the pigment which is acting as a colorant in animals, plants and human body giving the hair and skin their characteristic color. The technology makes use of melanin from hair in solar panels replacing silicon, as light-absorbing material to generate electricity.



Members: Dr.Leon Ittiachen


                       Ms.Libna Lawrence

                       Ms.Sherin Shams

Category: Indian 

Description: The patent developed a biofilter that was economically feasible by using locally available herbs and materials that had the potential to purify water. The team was able to identify certain locally available leaves as well as fruits, seeds, and wood bark that could be used for the purification process. These 16 herbs were mixed burned coconut shells and carbonized rice husks. A filter bed is constructed with all the necessary components from these herbs and is placed between the containers for getting the purified water. 

3. Biome Organic Air Purifier using Arthrospira platensis for air purification

Members: Dr.Dhanya Gangadharan

                       Mr.Aswin Sasi

                       Mr.Hilal Aboobecker

                       Ms.Haritha R

                       Ms.Anna Jelson

Category: Indian 

Description: This patent aims to is design and fabricate a compact Photobioreactor that can absorb ambient CO2 and convert it to edible algal biomass (Arthropira plantesis) and O2; and also, to device a simple pre-filter that absorb and trap basic contaminants and allergens in the air. A methodology has been researched and developed to sustain a continuous algae culturing system with an essential growth support system.