1. MoU with Zaara Biotech

MoU with Zaara Biotech, Kerala aims at providing internships for the students belonging to Sahrdaya institution which would involve providing the students the best possible opportunity for sound practical exposure to the technological innovations in relevant areas of algal culturing, photobioreactor designing, etc.

2. MoU with Jubilee Mission Medical College and Research Institute

This MoU is to formalize joint programme activities that will help to establish a mutually beneficial relationship built on academic, scientific and technological cooperation which include Faculty exchange, research, Innovation, consultancy, Entrepreneurship Development, promotion of healthcare quality standards, internship ,training programs for stakeholders and creation of a Centre of Excellence in healthcare technological advances for continued industry- institute interface and interaction.

3. MoU with Agappe Diagnostics Ltd.

This MoU for Collaboration has the primary objective of establishing a Training Center at Sahrdaya to provide training to the students on Agappe products and services and certain soft skills. The primary focus will be to provide training, project guidance, internships and limited placement support at free of charge.