ECE Funded Projects


Team of students guided by Dr. Arun Thomas has won Silver award

Kerala Start up Mission IDEA Grant 2022

  • Marble Maze Labryinth- Guided by Dr. Arun Thomas
  • Crayo Tank – Top- Guided by Mr. Saran KB

Kerala Startup Mission IDEA Grant 2021

  • Protectia- Guided by Dr. Vishnu Rajan
  • Navitrolly: AI based smart navigating trolley – Guided by Dr. Vishnu Rajan
  • iKet: An IoT based automated basket – Guided by Dr. Arun Thomas
  • Madhumeha Sakhi: Non invasive smart diabetic assist based on breath analysis – Guided by Ms. Vidyamol K

KSUM Innovation grant of 2 Lakh January 2019

  • Efficient Land Survey System- Guided by Dr. Caren Babu

KSUM Innovation grant of 2Lakh January 2018

  • You Can – automatic bed chair system with paralysis assistance

KSUM Idea Grant of Rs. 40000 January 2018

Marijuana Detector – Duided by Ms. Ambily Francis and Dr. Dhanya Gangadharan

Manorama – YUVA Mastermind Season-9 (Shortlisted in College Category)

  • CODVI PAD – Guided by Dr. Vishnu Rajan

Science Popularisation Program by KSCSTE for an amount of Rs.3.2Lakh 

KSCSTE Co-sponsored workshop

  • Dr.G.R.Gnana King got a Financial Assistance of Rs. 20000 from Kerala State Council for Science,Technology and Development to conduct a three day programme during the year 2018.