ECE Department Labs

The students are given experiments involving working of basic components and equipments. The students also design and test various circuits using theorems studied in circuit theory and principles of electrical engineering. The students are made to test the working of various active devices studied in electron devices course by verifying the characteristics of the devices with reference to specifications given in data sheets.

Major Equipments:    

200 MHz Analog Oscilloscope, 100MHz and 30 MHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope, 2 MHz and 20 MHz Signal Generators and IC Tester

Lab NameCircuits Lab
Lab in chargeDeepak joseph
Lab StaffMs. Sumam M K
Name of the Labs Functioning1). Basic Electronics lab. 2). Electronics Circuits lab. 3)Linear Integrated Circuits

In microprocessor lab, students study the architecture and assembly level programming and interfacing of microprocessors 8085, z80, and 8086 and microcontrollers 8051 and mc6800

Major equipments:

30 MHz and 60 MHz oscilloscope, 8085, 8086 and z80 microprocessors, 8051 and mc6800 microcontrollers, EPROM  programmer interface card, dc and stepper motor interface and computers.

Lab NameEC LAB 2
Staff in chargesMr. Saran K B
Lab in chargeMs. Sumam M K
Name of the Labs FunctioningMicroprocessors and Microcontrollers lab

In Very Large Scale Integrated circuits lab, students study VHDL programming and synthesis of digital circuits using FPGA and CPLD kits

Major equipments:

Intel PIV 3.4 GHz Computer With 15 Inch LCD Monitor, Acer Intel Core 2GHz Laptop, HP Laser Printer, Xilinx FPGA  And CPLD Trainers And Softwares Like Xilinx, Labview, Matlab 2012a, C And Tanner

Lab Name  
Staff in chargesMs. Silpa P.A
Lab in chargeMs. Neethu N
Name of the Labs FunctioningVLSI DESIGN LAB (EC LAB 3)

In communication engineering lab, students study the concepts of all type of modulation & demodulation . The recent communication techniques can be demonstrated with available equipments. Students conduct experiments in a communication lab where they become acquainted with oscilloscopes, signal generators and spectrum analyzers. Measurement of common signals such as sinusoids and periodic square waves are conducted in both the time and frequency domain. The training and experience that ece students gain in this laboratory enhance their understanding of analog and digital communication systems. This lab has highly advanced digital storage oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzer.

Major equipments:                              

Digital communication trainer kits, digital communication trainer kits , CRO, digital storage CRO, computer , am signal generator, am signal generator , am-fm signal generator, function generator, pulse generator, rf signal generator, audio power meter, sound level meter, distortion factor meter, logic probe, microphone, loud speaker, am-fm modulation meter, LVDT, wheatstone bridge and function generators.

Lab NameEC LAB 4
Staff in chargesMs Ambily Francis 
Lab in chargeMs. Gisha C G
Name of the Labs Functioning1). Analog Communications Lab 2). Communcations Sysytems Lab 3). Digital Communications and DSP Lab.

The Embedded Systems lab supports teaching and research in embedded systems and re-configurable hardware technology. We are engaged in research on architecture, design, and tools for networked and embedded computing and communication systems.

The lab is upgraded to “Centre for Internet of Things“, using the facilities of which the students and researches can work on design, development and research activities related to IoT.

Lab NameEmbedded Systems Lab. (M.Tech)
Staff in chargesDr. Gnana king 
Lab in chargeMs. Gisha C G
Name of the Labs Functioning1) Embedded Processors Laboratory. 2) DSP and RTOS lab.

The main purpose behind project laboratory is to mould students for developing ideas in multiple areas and to integrate them for innovative works. This laboratory acts as a flexible framework, holding dynamic student work groups, research zones and support equipment in unlimited arrangements. It introduces modern working tools to the students and gives them opportunity to work with those tools. By that they will be trained and motivated to do research work in their interested areas.

Lab NameProject Lab
Staff in chargesMs. Jisha Jacob, Ms.Vidya Mol k
Lab in chargeMs. Neethu N
Name of the Labs Functioning1). S1S2 Btech Workshop