CE Funded Projects

Ms. Reeba Roy, Ms. Prabha John, Ms. Bijosha P, Ms. Ruksana Hamsa and Mr. Christy John, (S5 CE 2013 batch) won a project grant worth Rs. 2500/- from Manorama YUVA competition under the guidance of Mrs. Gokila Chandran (Asst. Professor CE Dept)

Akhil Jose, Manuel Jose, Eldrix Helder and Antony Kollannur of S8 CE got grant of Rs10,000 from KSCSTE and the project was short listed for TEKON 2018.

Jennifer Laly John, Neha P A, Anju Vincent, Adheena Jose and Anuvind I R of S8 CE got a fund of Rs 2 Lakhs from KSCSTE on idea day competition 2018

Ms Shini Shanmugan, faculty of CE department received a funding of 2 Lakhs from KCSTE for product development in AY 2018-19

Ms Remya P M and Mr Ciby Jacob Cherian received a Faculty Research Seed Money Grant (FRSG) of 0.88 lakhs for research.

Mr Akhil S Nair and Ms Aiswarya M S received a Faculty Research Seed Money Grant (FRSG) of 0.83 lakhs for research.