Applied Science & Humanities Labs

  • Engineering Chemistry Laboratory at Sahrdaya College of Engineering is a laboratory with a wide range of equipments to cater to the needs of Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam Technological University’s first year curriculum.
  • It enables the students to have a hands on training on various topics they study in “Engineering Chemistry” theory course. The lab is designed spaciously and well-ventilated to accommodate a capacity of 30 students at a time.
  • The laboratory’s design includes ceramic tiles on all working tables, separate balance room and chemical store room.
  • The lab is equipped with UV-spectrometer, pH meter, Potentiometer and Conductivity meter 

Lab In-charge: Dr. Sukhila Krishnan

      Lab Instructor : Mrs Anu Pramod

List of Experiments

  • Engineering physics lab is a well equipped lab of Sahrdaya College of Engineering and Technology.
  •  Here  students were taught to find the wavelength of monochromatic light like sodium vapour lamp and polychromatic light like Mercury vapour lamp using spectrometer. Using travelling microscope and sodium lamp, students were trained to measure the thickness of hair thin metal wire accurately. Students are trained to find the frequency of a tuning fork by Melde’s string, making them vibrating it in longitudinal and transverse mode.
  • Advanced experiments like optic fibre is offered to students where they find out the acceptance angle and numerical aperture of optic fibre cable. Finding the wavelength of laser light is yet another experiment.
  • Students can also find out Fill Factor and efficiency of a solar cell. Using CRO, students are trained to find out the amplitude and frequency of a signal by forming lissajous figures. The dispersive and resolving power of a grating is also determined by adopting the instrument of spectrometer.

Lab In-charge: Mrs.Jimi K J, Mrs.Jasmine Johny

Lab Instructor : Mrs Anila Unnikrishnan

List of Experiments

Travelling Microscope
  • Mechanical Engineering Workshop is a place where students acquire knowledge on the operation of various processes involved in manufacturing and production. The Workshop Practice course makes students competent in handling practical work in engineering environment. Mechanical Engineering Workshop consists of sheetmetal, fitting, carpentry, foundry, smithy and welding.

Lab In-charge : Mr.George M K

      Lab Assistants : Mr. Aashik P Pankaj, Mr. Antony Jeslin

List of Experiments

3D Printer
Centre Lathe