Placemet Process

Constitution of Training & Placement Cell

The organization structure of the Training and Placement Cell consists of administrators, HoDs, faculty members and student representatives from each of the departments. The Cell organizes various training programs at regular intervals for the students, starting from the first year onward to improve their ability in reasoning, analytical skills, aptitude, technical, soft skills, communication skills etc. The objective is to prepare the students for the competitive tests, group discussion and interview as part of the campus recruitment process. Professional trainers/training agencies are invited to give the training programs in the college. The Constitution of Training & Placement is given :

E-Mail Communication to Companies:

Email communications to companies are done from the Placements id ( or

Facilities to Recruiters

Apart from handling the needs of the students, the cell caters to the needs of the companies ranging from logistics to interview halls. The infrastructure available is suited to make the placement process a comfortable one. The following facilities are made available to the companies:

  • Central Auditorium or conference Hall for Pre-Placement Talks.
  • Well-furnished, air-conditioned conference room for Group Discussions
  • Online test Facility for up to 600 students in single process.
  • Air-conditioned Interview rooms with all requisite facilities (including telephonic interview Facility). Internet & fully computerized office Support.
  • Suite Rooms within the campus for Recruiters / Guests.

Placement Facilities

TPO Office1 no.
Conference Room of capacity of 12 members1 no.
Auditorium of capacity 25001 no.
Seminar Halls / Conference Halls6 nos.
Rooms for Group Discussion6 nos.
Interview Rooms10 nos.
Computer Center8 Labs

The Placement Process consists of the following steps -

Placement Registration from Interested Students 

Students are shared a Google form to understand the interest of students. Accordingly the students are given placement and higher studies assistance.

Information Sharing

  • Email communications / Social media communication from Placement Cell shall be the primary mode of communication for all the placement related information. All interested students are to monitor the communication. Class wise Google groups are created for quick response from students.
  • All personal queries or additional information required by the students should be routed

through the Placement Cell alone.

  • Any student found sharing institute placement information with any external agency/college, shall be debarred from participation in Placement Process.
  • Department level Faculty Placement Coordinator and students coordinators are also informed for smooth Placement process
  • A Career Questionnaire is collected from the students to understand their career goals and aspirations.

Pre-Placement Talk

Companies will come down to Campus / Online to conduct pre-placement talks. These talks will give students an idea about the recruiting organizations and opportunities available within these.  

Companies taking part in the Placement Process conduct a PPT to provide job description to the students. Usually the PPT consists of the Job profile, Designation, CTC, Location, Skills required, and Eligibility etc.

The students interact with the company officials and understand the profiles and clear their doubts during the PPT session. They are expected to get all their doubts cleared from the company officials. Once they attend a PPT, it will be assumed that the student has clearly understood all the details and learn more about the work culture.

It is mandatory for all the registered students participating in the placement process to attend

the PPTs. Only those students who attend the PPT would be allowed to participate in the placement drive for that company.

Registration from Interested Students

After the Notice where the job profiles and other details etc. received from the company is put up,

interested eligible students would be asked to register. This registration would indicate commitment on part of student to accept offer by the company in case he/she is selected. Once registered, he/she cannot back out midway through a recruitment process. Strict action will be taken against defaulters.

Short listing of Candidates

Based on the resumes, their academic records, skills etc., the TPO prepare a list of eligible students as per the format mentioned by the respective company and share the same before the deadline. Most of the companies have their own minimum qualification requirement criteria and may shortlist students for process from eligible applicants.

Campus Recruitment

The companies inform the Placement Officer about the recruitment procedure followed by them, like Written Tests – Aptitude & Technical, Group Discussions, Case Studies, Personal Interviews etc. After the selection process, the companies announce the list of selected candidates.

The offers Letters of the students incase received from the selected company are collected before they leave the campus. 

Result Declaration

  • The companies taking part in Placement process on campus would give the list of the selected

students to the Placement Officer.

  • The selected student would be immediately blocked from other companies processes and would be out of the process for next opportunities.
  • One confirmed offer per student is the placement policy and student/ company would be served on first confirmed offer basis.
  • If a company is awarded “Dream Company” or “Core Company” status, then above rule will be relaxed for interested eligible students.
  • Students securing multiple job offers have to select one of the offers and communicate their choice to the TPO.
  • Students with discipline problem at any level may be dropped from further participation in the

placement process.

  • For sequencing the slots for companies, student feedback/preferences will be considered.