Mentoring System

Mentoring System

Mentoring system to help at individual level.

  • There is a full- fledged mentoring system in place in the college to take care of the interests of all the students on rolls.
  • Permanent Full type system in place for professional guidance. This unit of HR arranges interaction with the Industry personnel and higher education institutions on horizontal and vertical progression of students.
  • Regular Annual Industrial Visits and Internships are provided to familiarize students with the Industrial Work scenario.
  • Number of industry – institute interactions for professional guidance is also organized during the Tech fest, a regular week long features.
  • Career Mentoring: The innumerable career and professional opportunities emerging everyday has made the job scenario highly competitive and complex and this situation compels the student to prioritize and choose the best suited for him or her. In order to make a wise choice of profession, every student needs some knowledgeable guidance in such situations. Our HRD Center provides the students the following counseling services:
  • Career goal setting based on an assessment of individual aptitudes
  • Guidance on viable career options available
  • Assistance in choosing the best career oriented educational enrichment program
  • To facilitate the stated above, the department has prepared a Career Guidance Form which is taken individually with their Parent’s Presence in their third year of studies. According to their choice of Interest, the training is provided.
  • Student Support Services Centre working as a satellite facility of the HRD Center coordinates the numerous schemes aimed at their career advancement and well being of the students

New students are briefed on matters pertaining to their programs /courses, fees, accommodation and the rules and regulations of the college. They are also advised on personal safety and security.

Counseling services on academic and non-academic matters are also available to all students. The Student Counseling Service provides free, specialist confidential interventions through professional counselors to students who experience psychological distress. The Counselors help them achieve their full academic and personal potential and goals

The College also has the peer-mentoring system by which a group of five or six new entrants are placed under the care of a senior student who is responsible for their conduct, safety and security on the campus. These senior peers have also been found helping the fresher’s under their care in academics.