Talent Hunt – for ECE students

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Online Talent Hunt exclusively for Sahrdaya ECE students.

General Instructions:

  1. Send your videos/photos of drawings with file name in the format “Name-class”.
  2. Videos/drawings will be screened initially before posting in the official eMAGE Instagram page.
  3. There should be minimum 4 participants for each event to be considered for the competition.
  4. Winners will be selected based on maximum Like within the stipulated period of the event.
  5. Fake likes will leads to disqualification.
  6. Decisions of the organizing committee will be final.

Click Here to Upload Your Files

Rules and Regulations:

Event No.1: Dance Cover:

  1. Shoot a Dance cover video of any form.
  2. You can include your family members if required.
  3. Maximum group size: 3 members
  4. No group should have more than one student from ECE Dept.
  5. Maximum duration: 1 minute
  6. Shoot the videos in Landscape mode

Event No.2: Cover Song (Solo):

  1. Shoot a cover song without instrument music or karaoke.
  2. Maximum duration: 1 minute
  3. Shoot the videos in Landscape mode.

Event No.3: Drawing and Painting:

  1. Paper size: A4
  2. You can post pencil drawing or colour painting for the competition.
  3. No digital drawing or editing is allowed.
  4. Along with the photo, send a 1 minute video of the drawing to prove that the picture is drawn by the participant.

Event No.4: Coding competition (Coming soon…)