1. Library remain open on all working days from 8am to 6pm, 
  2. Personal belongings except purses and few sheets of white paper are not allowed beyond the issue counter. They shall be kept at the property counter.
  3. Students shall maintain unbroken silence in the library. It is not the place for discussions, chatting, sleeping. Students are liable to pay compensation if they misbehave or damage books or any other property of the library.
  4. All Faculty members and Students must scan the barcode printed in their college ID card in the scanners provided at the entrance of the library before entering the library and also at the time of leaving.
  5. Students are not expected to disturb the seating arrangement in the library in any way.
  6. Students should not switch on the light/fan unnecessarily
  7. Library will not be responsible for the loss of students’ belongings from the property counter.
  8.  Students are not supposed to keep books unnecessarily on the table.
  9. Circulation Policies
  • Library circulation is controlled by automation software KOHA . Producing college ID card having Barcode and library card is necessary for issuing a document from library.
  • Each student shall be provided Borrower’s Cards for taking books from the library.
  • Producing student’s identity card is a must for issuing Borrower’s Cards & Books.
  • In case of loss of Borrower’s card, students must report immediately to the librarian who will issue a duplicate card on payment of Rs. 25/-
  • Books shall be issued to students for a fortnight. If the books are not returned on or before due dates, students have to pay an overdue charge. After the due date a fine of Rs. 1 per book per day will be collected till the date of returning.
  • In case any book is lost or damaged by the student, the student shall replace it with a new book or shall pay the cost of replacement plus Rs. 50.00. If a book is one of the volumes of a set, the student may be asked to replace the whole set.
  • On receiving books from the library, students must examine the books and report any damage found in books immediately to the librarian. If students fail to do so he/ she will be held responsible for the damage found on returning the book.
  • No book will be re-issued except when presented physically.
  • The books may be renewed 2 times if there is no request from others for that book.
  • If students fail to pay library dues at the right time, the privilege of borrowing books will be suspended till the payment is made in full.
  1. Semester Issue: Students can take four books under this scheme for using in a semester. They have to give an online request at the beginning of the semester and according to the availability of the books students can collect these books within few days from the library. List of available books will be displayed on library Notice Board. They have to return these books and need to pay 25% of the cost of the books at the end of the semester.
  2. Discount Scheme: Under the Discount Scheme, students can apply any number of books through the online link available in the college website at the beginning of the semester. After getting these books from the vendors, the list of available books will be published on library notice board. Those students need to pay 85% of the cost of the books; they need not return these books. This facility is only to help students to purchase books on discount.

All library dues should be cleared and a No-Due Certificate (NDC) obtained to this effect before registering for the examination of that particular semester

  • Students can take reference books through overnight scheme  from Monday to Friday
  • These books should be returned before 8.30 am on the following working day. Only one book will be issued to one student. They have to submit their ID card for such issue. Books costing more than Rs. 1,500 will not be issued under this scheme. Students have to check books before it are taken out. While returning, if found damaged, the book has to be replaced with a new book with a processing charge of Rs. 50.00. Students who fail to return books on the due date also have to pay compensation of Rs. 10 per hour per book up to one week and after 1.5 times the price of the book, whichever is higher.
  • All must wear a face mask.
  • Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer/Wash hands with soap and water.
  • Maintain a safe distance of at least 1 meter from others.
  • If anyone has a cough, fever, difficulty in breathing, please contact a doctor

                  immediately and ensure that you are not infected.

All books in the central library are disinfected. Using UVC technology, the books returning

by the staff members and students are decontaminating every day. This virus-free healthy

environment is very much necessary to maintain in the library. So before entering the library,

all must make sure that they are free from corona virus and strictly following the above


Photocopying from reference books, not exceeding ten pages, is permitted. Book issued for photocopying must be returned without any damage within the specified time. Failure to do so will lead to a compensation of Rs. 10 per book per hour

Students have to strictly follow the following guidelines:

  • Students are expected to fill the details in the registers provided in the Digital Libraries before using the systems and at the time of leaving.
  • Use internet only for academic purpose and correspondence.
  • Playing music and games, watching movies etc will not be allowed.
  • Maintain strict silence. Digital Library is not a place for discussion.
  • One system for one student.
  • Stay in your allotted seats.
  • The System will be provided accordingly on the basis of availability (First come first serve).
  • If there is a queue of waiting students, they cannot use internet for more than half an hour.
  • Don’t manipulate system settings and experiment with TRS programs or viruses.
  • Students are liable to pay compensation for any damage caused while using the system.
  • The Librarian shall have the power to refuse the issue of a book to any student or he may recall any book without assigning any reason therefore. If students have any complaint about the services provided by the Library, instead of arguing with the library staff they may bring it to the notice of the Librarian.
  • Library rules may be altered or amended or new rules added by the Management from time to time.