80 students got selected by Sutherland for the post of “Associate” under the Non-voice category. 
Branch wise split up:
Biomedical – 16

 Biotechnology – 23 

Civil – 6

Computer Science – 17

Electronics & Communication – 8

Electrical & Electronics – 10
The students are :

Biomedical EngineeringAdarsh Vilson
Biomedical EngineeringAlbin Simon
Biomedical EngineeringAlfin Joseph
Biomedical EngineeringAmarnath P S
Biomedical EngineeringAmithaVunnikrishnan
Biomedical EngineeringAnila Antony
Biomedical EngineeringAnitta Baby
Biomedical EngineeringAntony Paul
Biomedical EngineeringAshamol T.A
Biomedical EngineeringClinto Martin
Biomedical EngineeringGisna K.S
Biomedical EngineeringGreshma Varghese
Biomedical EngineeringJumy Jaimy
Biomedical EngineeringRosemary E.R
Biomedical EngineeringSandra Benny
Biomedical EngineeringSreeraag P S
BiotechnologyAiswarya Rajesh
BiotechnologyAlby Dixon
BiotechnologyAmy ElizabethJoseph
BiotechnologyAnagha Rajendran
BiotechnologyDeekshitha R
BiotechnologyJestin Jimmy
BiotechnologyJissPrabhuP Tom
BiotechnologyJuna Varghese
BiotechnologyMilna George
BiotechnologyNehan Jaleel
BiotechnologyRaisa Lal
BiotechnologySneha V
BiotechnologyVarsha V
Civil EngineeringAbhiya pauly
Civil EngineeringAleena Joby
Civil EngineeringDelshaKDavis
Civil EngineeringFasnaRoseM N
Civil EngineeringJiya Pauly
Civil EngineeringSona Varghese
Computer Science and EngineeringAbhinu R Dev
Computer Science and EngineeringAlen Xavier
Computer Science and EngineeringAshok M
Computer Science and EngineeringBestyMariaPaul
Computer Science and EngineeringChristeena Shaju
Computer Science and EngineeringJereena A J
Computer Science and EngineeringJeswin Wilson
Computer Science and EngineeringKrishnaprasad K
Computer Science and EngineeringManukarthik P M
Computer Science and EngineeringMariaAngelShony
Computer Science and EngineeringPaulson K R
Computer Science and EngineeringPriyadhara Puthran S O
Computer Science and EngineeringRahul S Kumar
Computer Science and EngineeringSalman Gaffur
Computer Science and EngineeringSejoyner Joy
Computer Science and EngineeringShalima Shaju
Computer Science and EngineeringVishnu Prabhakaran
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringAbhay Ramesh
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringAlfred Johnson
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringAlkesh Nereparamban
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringBennat Benny
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringJetin Jacob
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringMelvin Davis
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringNayana Saiju
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringNelwinJosephNelson
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringSijik krishnan Krishnan
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringV.G Anooja
Electronics and Communication EngineeringAlfi Francis
Electronics and Communication EngineeringAnish Varghese
Electronics and Communication EngineeringAnnMaryJose
Electronics and Communication EngineeringBinoyTVarghese
Electronics and Communication EngineeringChristo

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