Patents Filed

BTE News
  1. Aswin Sasi, Hilal Aboobecker, Haritha R, Anna Jelson of S7 BT under the guidance of Dr. Dhanya Gangadharan filed provisional patent for their project ‘Biome Organic Air Purifier using Arthrospira Platensis for air purification’ on 12th December,2018 (CBR  number 35620).
  2. Sherin Shams, Libna Lawrence, Jain Rose, Thamanna participated and won the prize at the national level competition held at AICTE, New Delhi on January 22nd,2019 for their project ‘BIOFIL’. The same team registered for provisional patent on 31st January, 2019 (CBR no. 3295).
  3. Students of S7 BT, K Achyuthanand, Gopika Menon in coordination with students of S7 ECE dept. registered for provisional patent for their project ‘Marijuana Detector’. The project was guided by Dr. Dhanya Gangadharan, faculty of BT dept. and Ms. Ambily Francis, faculty of ECE dept.