Online feedback system & Learning Management System(LMS)

Sahrdaya CET have a good Online Feedback System & Learning Management System(LMS) supported by Linways Technologies to deal the academic matters. The LMS provides its functionalities to the Faculty or Administrators, Students and Parents.

Teacher Benefits

  • Use course materials previously created.
  • Give assignments and assess them online.
  • Conduct tests and exams online.
  • Put up various notifications and results of tests online.
  • Remark on performance of various students.
  • Online attendance marking and report generation.

Student Benefits

  • Learning convenience.
  • Access course materials.
  • Submit assignments online.
  • Tests appear online.
  • Access to results of various tests.
  • Evaluate or rate the faculty.
  • Easy library access.

Parent Benefits

  • Keep track of students’ progress.
  • Access to students various test results.
  • Be notified about various events.
  • Take an active part in their children’s studies.
  • Easier communication with their teachers.