Research and Development Center

No educational institution can sustain itself without research and development. Every national wealth growth is dependent on this. R&D must be the backbone of educational organizations. Sahrdaya has already laid its foundation with IEDC for student research and RDC for faculty research.

Center for Research and Development commonly known as RDC supports R&D activities around the campus especially among faculty members. A dedicated RDC council has been constituted for monitoring several progresses in this direction. RDC council under the able guidance of joint director as chief coordinator comprises of RDC coordinator, secretary and focus group heads leading research groups in 6 different thrust areas of technology.

The thrust area comprises of

  1.  Cell Biology
  2. Signal Processing, Communication & Power systems
  3. Medical Imaging
  4. Computer Science
  5.  Biomaterials
  6.  Waste management and Engineering

The activities carried out by council includes establishment of research labs, encouraging and offering guidance to R&D activities among faculty, periodic monitoring of funded projects and follow-up of award winning student projects and promote it to funded research projects guided by the same faculty.

RDC is thus striving in bringing up several research centers at  Sahrdaya and one of our achievement is that  the college has been recognized as a SIRO ( Scientific and Industrial research Organization)  under DSIR (department of Scientific and Industrial Research )  which comes under Dept of Science and Technology, Government of India.