MoUs & Exchange Programme


MoU governed industry-institution tie-up with Accenture has resulted in the on-campus Sahrdaya-Accenture Innovation Center

GE Health Care

GE- Sahrdaya collaboration center - Established to train students with latest machines by GE, on campus entry support.


Similar partnership with the National IT giant Infosys with international foot-prints under their Campus-Connect initiative.

Tata Consultancy Services

Spirit of Partnership Award of the IT giant Tata Consultancy Services

Wilmington University

MOU on Faculty Exchange program with Wilmington University, USA - 2016.

Arjuna Natural Extracts Ltd

Arjuna Natural Extracts Ltd - Internship and curriculum enrichment .

Elite Agro foods

Elite Agro Foods


Biozeen, Bangalore


Wipro Mission10x - Faculty development with contemporary tools - OBE element certification.

CDAC partnership

CDAC partnership for training and software project support.

Rani Menon's eye Hospital

Rani Menon's eye Hospital - Internship & Project support.

Jubilee Mission Hospital

Jubilee Mission Hospital - Project support & Consultancy.

HYKON India (P) Ltd

HYKON India (P) Ltd - Internship, Project support .

LIVEWIRE Technologies

LIVEWIRE Technologies .


Keltron partnership for hardware training .