Physical and other infrastructure facilities

Sports and Games being an integral part of Sahrdaya's total Educational Programme. The following facilities are developed and maintained for the students.

Indoor Stadium

Basketball, Volleyball, Handball futsal, Table Tennis, Shuttle- badminton, Tennis and all Recreational games.


One multi-purpose field (including for Athletics With 200mts track of 6 lanes).

Fitness Centre

For Men multi Gym with 16 station and Women multi Gym with 12 station


1 field; multi-purpose

Volleyball (Out door)

2 Courts

Basketball (Out door)

2 Courts

Chess boards

4 boards

Table Tennis Boards

2 Tables


 4 Boards

Intensive Training for Competitive Sportsmen

Sahrdaya have been maintaining a high standard in almost all games among engineering colleges. The Departmentt is giving systematic training and coaching for players in various games throughout the year. Leading teams are invited to Sahrdaya Campus for practice matches. In order to give competitive experience and exposures, Sahrdaya teams participated in all the Inter Private Engineering College Sports and Games 

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