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The Civil Engineering is known to be the mother of all engineering branches. It is an all pervasive and ever green engineering profession, full of opportunities and challenges. Civil engineering addresses all the aspects of human civilization and particularly, the planning, design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure facilities and physical environment, which is  necessary for modern living. Civil engineers, actually play the roles of builders of nations and protectors of environment.
Human civilization, the only known one of its kind in the entire universe, is facing many challenges now. The ramifications of population explosion like resource crisis, pollution, global warming, climate change, extinction of species, etc. have to be tackled only through global initiatives.
Also, we are living in an era of technological revolution and knowledge explosion. Information about anything is available by the click of a button. We could walk over the moon and now we are planning to colonize moon and mars. When space is a problem in urban areas, we are trying to expand vertically. Burg Khalifa Dubai stands 888m above sea level declaring the possibility of vertical expansion. Palm Island in UAE, floating aerodrome in Hong Kong, Akashi Kaikyo  bridge in Japan are only a few other civil engineering marvels showing the ability of engineers as “problem solvers”.
The job markets of engineers have become global now. Also, engineering profession has become a vibrant area of tough competition of trained engineers around the world. Most of the good companies, big and small, are using the worldwide web to recruit their employees.
All civil engineers start their profession as engineers and end up as managers. So, civil engineering students should develop managerial skills and leadership qualities as early as possible. All these facts clearly indicate that a paradigm shift in technical education with a global perspective is absolutely essential to groom our students as world class technocrats.

Associations attached to all branches of engineering are trying to provide opportunities to the students to expand their capabilities in academics and other soft skills which the profession demands during a period of global competitiveness. PACE (Progressive Association of Civil Engineers), of Sahrdaya College of Engineering and Technology, will strive to provide every student in Civil Engineering an atmosphere for continued improvement of their knowledge and practical experience for a better future in their professional life              

Report of Activities of the Department in Aacdemic year 2013- 2014


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