Biotechnology Engineering


Program Educational Objectives

On successful completion of the Program, Our Graduates are expected to:
1.Take up challenging careers worldwide, in multi-cultural work environment.
2.Continuously strive for higher achievements in life, keeping moral and ethical values such as honesty, loyalty, relationship and performance, aloft.
3.Be knowledgeable and responsible citizens with good team-work skills, competent leadership qualities and holistic values.

Program Specific Outcomes

1. Apply biotechnological techniques to identify, quantify and characterize molecules that are responsible for sustaining life processes and also for industrial applications.
2. Deciphering of metabolic and molecular pathways for the life sustaining process in the living organisms and apply apt tools and techniques in biological manipulation and finding a new dimension to the existing system.
3. Knowhow on developments in biotechnology research and production through professional development, maintaining product and environmental safety and sustainable development.