Biotechnology Engineering


Over the past decade and more, the Department of Biotechnology Engineering at Sahrdaya College of Engineering and Technology has established itself as a premier and most sought after college for pursuing undergraduate programme (B tech) in Biotechnology Engineering.  A vibrant community of young, intellectual and talented citizens are moulded and nurtured here in the department. The department faculty is committed to undertake teaching and research as a passion with effective and fruitful methods of subject delivery towards etching the biotech engineers of tomorrow. The department is further building on the credible new outcome based methodologies of teaching and learning process to expand its departmental and institutional vision. Our department also addresses some complex issues pertaining to the area of human health and environment in society. An integral part of our endeavours has been our continuing science education and research towards new product and process development programmes. Commemorating the tenth year of the department and the college; Masters Programme (M Tech) in Industrial Biotechnology was initiated in 2013. This platform of higher learning is embodied with the view upgrading the students to play significant role in the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industries globally. The department will continue on its course to achieve excellence in biotechnology towards the realization of its mandate in the field.

Prof Dr Ambili Mechoor, HOD BTE