Biomedical Engineering

Jubilee Mission-Sahrdaya MoU


a. To facilitate academic and research interactions among stakeholders of both


b. To create an ecosystem in both the campuses, this promotes to develop Indigenous

affordable healthcare solutions.

c. To share ideas and implement methods, for promotion of Research, Innovation and

Skill development among the stakeholders of both the parties.

d. Collaborate to share and exchange information between both parties for mutual

benefit and knowledge enhancement.

e. To enable healthcare projects from sahrdaya to access towards the Ethical committee

constituted by Jubilee Mission.

f. To enable the use of laboratories and test facilities in Sahrdaya on a preferential basis

by Jubilee Mission and vice versa to conduct various tests/analysis that are pre

approved and mutually agreed in writing.

g. To provide opportunity for eligible students from undergraduate, graduate, and

research scholars of Sahrdaya to undertake hospital training and projects at Jubilee

Mission for mutual benefit.

h. To conduct joint/collaborate research and consultancy. In case of such joint external

consultancy, the income generated will be shared based on mutual agreement set

forth for each separately.

i. To organise national/international seminars or conferences of common interest

jointly at campuses of any of the parties