Electronics & Communication Engineering

Industrial Visit

On 1 st March 2016, Tuesday ,15 staff memebers of ECE Department visited the Communication,Navigation and Surveillance Department and the Air Traffic Control Department of the Airport Authority of India, in CIAL. The visit was organized by department of ECE, Sahrdaya College of Engineering and Technology.The motive of the visit was to understand the organizational working of Cochin International Airport and to see how activities like surveillance, navigation and communication are carried out.
The group left for visit at 9 am and reached at around 10 am in CIAL. The visit started off with a short session given by Mr. Muralidharan B ( Sr.Superindent,CIAL) on the different branches coming under Airport Authority and their functioning. After the class the faculties were taken to the Air Traffic Control room, detailed explanation of all the modern equipment used for surveillance and navigation support was given by the staffs in charge. The team witnessed communication between the pilot and the surveillance officer during different stages of touch down. Interesting part of the visit was watching the surveillance and navigation support activities in the ATP Tower, from where we could see the entire airport and could also see few flights taking off as well as landing.

Afternoon session started with the visit to the RADAR station located at about 10 km away from the airport. The officers in charge of the RADAR station gave a class on the working of RADAR and team was also allowed to see the primary as well as mono-pulse surveillance RADAR. The last leg of the visit was to the Doppler VOR system located close to the airport showed how the hectic navigation process was carried out. The visit was very fruitful, especially for the faculties handling subjects related to RADAR and communication.