Electronics & Communication Engineering

Faculty Development Program on Electronic Design Automation Tools (12/07/2016-15/07/2016)

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering organized a four days’ FDP on “Electronic Design Automation Tools” from 12 th to 115 th July, 2016. The inaugural ceremony was conducted on 12 th July in the Accenture Lab (Bioblock) at 9.30 AM. It was Presided over by Rev. Dr. Joji Palamattath, Associate Executive Director, SCET. Ms. Malini Thomas, HOD,ECE gave the welcome speech and the inaugural address was given by Prof K.T Joseph, Director SCET. Dr. Joji Palamattath delivered the presidential address and Ms. Malini Thomas proposed the vote of thanks. FDP covered the all topics related to EDA lab in S3 EC syllabus of KTU (ie, PSpice simulation, PCB  manufacturing, Matlab and VHDL). On 12 th morning to 13 th noon covered the topic PSpice simulation with OrCAD and 13 th noon to 14 th evening covered the topic PCB manufacturing with Proteus software. Mr. Ramesh C R, Training person from Invariant Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Kochi was the resource person for two session. Also 
he is Asst. Professor, Department of ECE, Vidya Academy of Science And Technology (VAST) On 12 th morning to 13 th noon, Mr. Ramesh C R, gave training how to
install and use OrCAD 9.2. Also session covered PSpice simulations of DC analysis, AC analysis and Transient analysis of various circuits like Diode and Transistor Characteristics, RC Phase shift Oscillators, Clipper and Clamper, Half adders, RC coupled Amplifiers, JFET Amplifiers using OrCAD. Also he showed us how to cover Electronics circuit Theory paper with the help of this software. On 13 th noon to 14 th evening, he well explained how to make a PCB using software Proteus8. He covered in detail making schematic layout, BoM creation, Net list creation, new Foot print and package creation using an Astable multivrator circuit. At 14 th evening all of us fabricated a PCB for Astable multivrator on a 2cmX3cm board.

On 15 th morning, Mr. Vishnu Rajan, Assistant Professor Department of ECE, Sahrdaya College of Engineering & Technology. covered all basics of MATLAB in detail. Also covered the areas how to solve linear equations, plot mathematical functions, plot diode charecterestics with help of Matlab. On 15 th evening, Mr. Subodh Raj M S, Assistant Professor Department of ECE, Sahrdaya College of Engineering & Technology, covered all basics of VHDL using the software ModelSim. He taught how to make Basic gates and universal gates, adder circuits, multiplexer circutits etc. with help of ModelSim. Valedictory function was presided over by Prof K.T Joseph, Director
SCET. Ms. Malini Thomas, HOD,ECE gave the welcome speech Prof.K.R.Joy gave the Valedictory speech. Certificates to the participants and the resource persons were distributed by Prof.K.T.Joseph. There was a feedback sharing session by the participants and Vote of thanks was given by Ms. Malini Thomas, HOD,ECE. Altogether the workshop was very interesting and very helpful.