Electronics & Communication Engineering

Add on Course for Seventh Semester

An add on course was conducted for seventh semester Electronics and communication ,A batch based on Embedded Systems. It was a 3 day program from 19th July to21st July 2016 from 9.00am to 5.00pm.It was conducted by Mr.Nithin Kumar Sharma from Acharyaji Technologies. 

On Day 1 :It was a theory class based on basics of Embeddded systems till afternoon. After that ,sir explained about Atmega 8 and AVR software and writing programs in AVR. He also provided us with kits ,in which we simulated programs like blinking of LED using IR sensors etc.

Day 2: He explained 7 Segmented display using proteus ,visitor counter etc. He also taught how to set up a robot in which we have done line follower .

Day 3: Programs related to LCD display and DTMF using mobile phones . He concluded the class by summarizing the topics taken in previous days.