Biomedical Engineering


To grow as a Center for promotion of benign health care, through medical technology education and research, that bridge the gap between medicine and engineering, and by nurturing of highly informed, skilled and ethically inclined biomedical engineering professionals of national standards, in a vibrant ambiance of humanity, creativity and innovation.


Academic excellence in teaching and research gained through top-end infrastructure, consistently updated curriculum and a national level expert faculty.
Excellent co-curricular provisions and technology enabled curriculum delivery processes.
Rigorous engineering training and problem solving methodologies plus internships, workshops and seminars to keep pace with the knowledge explosion.
Fostering a liberal campus ambiance that promotes spiritually inclined, socially conscious and ethically upright personality through regular sessions of talks, extension missions and outreach activities.

Semester Sem I & II Sem III Sem IV Sem V Sem VI Sem VII Sem VIII
2013 - 2017 88.67 92.45 96.22 96.22 100 100
2012-2016 75.67 67.5 75.67 89.18 83.78 0
2014 - 2018 81.66 70 73.33 0 0 0
2015 - 2019 81.03 39.65 63.79 0 0 0


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Department of Biomedical Engineering
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